Barb Doyle - Vocals, Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Random Giggles and Happy Thoughts

Barb's Rock Star Barb grew up immersed in the harmonies and rhythms of rock and roll.  She cut her lyrical chops on folk and blues, while taking a Detour and landing in music school, in between playing small solo and duo gigs.  Another Detour finds her currently rocking in Random Detour as the main vocalist and lyricist, adding bass and rhythm guitar.  And giggles.

Warren Ryd - Piano, Organ, Keyboards, Vocals, Drum Programming, Recording and Production, Margaritas, Chicken Wings, Random Puns

Warren grew up in a classically trained environment, but quickly grew restless.  His Detours took him through pathways inspired by his keyboard icons Jonathan Cain (Journey), Steve Winwood, Billy Preston, among others.  He loves Loud Rock and Roll, and has been referred to as "a lead guitar player in a keyboard player's body".

Dave "Riffman" Richards - Lead Guitar, Electric and Acoustic Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Random Riffs and Ideas

Dave was heavily influenced by one of the blues rock masters, Eric Clapton. He infuses a modern energy into his hard rock roots as he wields an uncanny knack for creating magical riffs for new songs.  He's often Randomly Distracted by squirrels and other small furry creatures.

Allan Chase - Drum-meister, Stunt Pilot

At a young age, Allan had a penchant for tapping on things and counting to 4 over and over again.  This, of course, would manifest itself into being a drummer.  To Allan, drumming is kind of like ventriloquism - one can truly express information with their hands to a listening audience, all while not moving their mouth.  Allan brings over 20 years of playing experience into Random Detour.  Initially he had to Yield and Stop band activities due to work; eventually, a Green light was given only to find a Detour on Craigslist...namely a Random Detour...seems quite fitting.

James Finn - Bass Guitar, International Man of Mystery

We're not really sure where he came from.  He just showed up Randomly on our doorstep with a long black case and a badge that read "Agent FN23873".  He said "You can call me James".  When he struck those low notes, the earth trembled, the clouds parted, and we knew...

Additional Musicians and Assistance

  • Jim Norwood - Bass Guitar on "Common Ground
  • Tom Capek, Colorado Sound Recording - Mixing and Mastering on "Common Ground"
  • Paul Schwotzer - Mixing and Mastering on "It's About Time!"